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My name is Danielle and I am a certified Kambo/Sapo practitioner based in Ojai, CA. I felt called to Kambo after completing a 7-day Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica in 2019. It opened my eyes to the world of plant/animal medicine and how incredible Mother Nature can be! I became interested in becoming a Kambo practitioner after my first Kambo ceremony in 2020.


I spent months researching the best training programs available in the U.S and interviewing Kambo practitioners. After hearing conflicting opinions on which training program would be best, I decided to go directly to the source.


I contacted Peter Gorman, also known as the father of Kambo in the U.S., to see which training certification he recommended. He invited me to join a special training program for 5 students at his home in Joshua, Texas. I completed a rigorous 12 day training program where I both received treatments on myself, as well as served other students and people in the community. The training involved direct hands on supervision with a lot of emphasis on safety.


I have since served Kambo to hundreds of people seeking its benefits, including Peter Gorman. I am knowledgeable in the process and the art of serving Kambo. I would be honored to serve you and let you experience the magic of Kambo!

My Story

Danielle receiving Kambo
Tamashi vine
Applying Kambo

My Approach

Phone Call

Preliminary Phone Call

To start, I like to speak with the participant and understand their goals, experience with Kambo, and any health issues. The intake process includes a discovery call where I get to know more about the participant and any medical concerns. We also go over any contraindications that might prevent the client from being a good candidate for Kambo.

Kambo Medicine

How Much to Serve

The amount of Kambo applied will affect the intensity of the experience and I will determine what quantity is best for each individual. I generally recommend going lighter for a new participant with no experience with the medicine. Sometimes the release can be more physical and other times it can be more emotional. 


Kambo Session

On the day of treatment, I ensure the participant feels safe and comfortable and has a full understanding of what to expect each step of the way. Next, I clear the space and prep the medicine.  My approach is motherly, yet I also like to give participants the space to go through their own processes. I try not to interfere unless needed and simply hold space for the clients I am serving so they can get the full healing benefits.

Meditating on Beach


The more I work with Sapo, the more in tune I am with the medicine and its effects. The key is to not fear the medicine, but rather to focus on the breath and to have the mindset that the medicine is healing. When I serve Kambo to myself, I send gratitude to the medicine and focus on deep meditative breathing. I look forward to providing you with a safe and healing experience.

Let's Chat

Serving Ojai, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Central Coast, and surrounding areas. Please reach out with any questions!


(310) 487-7472


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