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Ceremony Experience

The ceremony takes approximately one hour, including preparation and meditation/relaxation afterwards. The actual application of medicine is 12 minutes at which point the medicine is wiped away. Below is a step by step process of what to expect after the medicine is applied:

Ceremony Phases

Prior to applying the medicine, I will be making small burns on the skin. I use a tamashi vine as this is what is traditionally used by the Mastés Tribe. This opens the skin to receive the medicine. The Sapo medicine is then applied on top of the burn dot areas. The burn dots will take a couple weeks for the scabs to heal and the scars will lighten up significantly after several months depending on your skin type. I let the individual decide on the placement, but typically recommend the ankle or upper arm. 

Ceremony Prep

The Day of Ceremony

No fasting required. Simply eat a light meal and then refrain from eating 2 hours before the ceremony. You are welcome to drink water, but I recommend only drinking for thirst and not overdoing it. A full belly of water will induce purging. I feel best when I have hydrated a couple hours beforehand and refrained from drinking the hour before ceremony. 

Wear comfortable clothing and consider wearing pants you can easily roll up if you want Kambo applied to your ankle. If you would prefer the medicine be applied to your upper arm then wear a short sleeve shirt.



Group session pricing: $175 per person

Individual session pricing: $200 per person

All sessions include Sapo/Kambo ceremony with sage and palo santo cleansing, sangre de grado to accelerate healing, and optional sananga drops. 


Will I throw up? Purging is much less common when the dots are applied “Sapo” style although it is still possible and not a problem. I will supply buckets with liners incase you should need to purge. It is also common to need to purge in other ways such as needing to use the bathroom or sweating. Facial swelling is also common and usually subsides after ceremony.

Will the burns leave scars? The burn dots will take a couple weeks for the scabs to heal and the scars will lighten up significantly after several months depending on your skin type. As time passes, the scars are virtually undetectable for many people.

How will I feel after ceremony? Most likely you will feel calm and meditative. It is possible to feel slight detox symptoms. Often this is common when a participant decides to give up caffeine on the day of the appointment and is actually having caffeine withdrawals. It is fine to take a headache reliever as necessary when you are back home.

How long does the whole experience last? It varies by person, but approximately 1 hour is a good amount of time to budget.

Is Kambo/Sapo legal? Yes. Kambo/Sapo is legal in the United States and most other countries.

Is Kambo/Sapo toxic? No. It is not a "poison" and it is non-toxic to humans.

How much does it cost? Please see the pricing section of our website. And feel free to contact me to discuss more.

Is the frog harmed during harvesting? No. Our Kambo/Sapo is ethically sourced from the Matses tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. They have worked with the frogs for centuries, believe them to be sacred, and treat them as such.

Will I be able to drive and return to life/work after the ceremony? It varies by person. Many people feel very relaxed, calm, and meditative. Others feel energized and elevated. Remember, the Matses tribe use Sapo right before they go hunting to elevate their senses and awareness. I recommend giving yourself the day to integrate for your first session. After that, you can adjust your process as needed.

Is Sapo/Kambo hallucinogenic or psychoactive? No, Sapo/Kambo is not psychoactive and you will not trip, feel high, or disassociative. You will always feel aware and present.

Is Sapo/Kambo safe? This medicine has been used for thousands of years by adults and children alike. Despite the strong physical reaction, Sapo is very safe if administered by a qualified, certified practioner.

Who should not take Sapo/Kambo? There are some people who should not receive Kambo including those any of the following conditions: Pregnant or breastfeeding Cardiovascular conditions Low blood pressure Stroke or aneurysms Clinical psychiatric condition Chemotherapy patients Taking Immuno-suppressant drugs Epilepsy Addison's Disease Reach out and let's have a conversation about your situation.

Do you offer private and group sessions? Yes. I am happy to do a private 1 on 1 ceramony and/or group ceremonies with 2 or more people.

Do you have a space for the ceremony? Will you come to my space? I'm happy to hold a ceremony in your space or mine. I require a phone conversation if you'd like me to come to your space. If you'd prefer to come to me, the ceremony will be in my living room in my home. It is a safe, clean, peaceful space.

Questions and/or ready to schedule?

Contact Danielle:

(310) 487-7472 

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