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Kambo (aka Sapo) is one of the strongest natural antibiotic,  antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory substances found in the world! Sapo is a traditional Amazonian frog medicine that has been used for thousands of years to strengthen the immune system and is widely known for its powerful healing benefits.


What is Sapo/Kambo? 


Tree Frogs

Kambo is the secretion produced by a bright green Amazonian jungle frog, the Phyllomedusa bicolor, also knows as the Giant Leaf Frog or the Monkey Tree Frog. This secretion has been used for centuries by local tribes to improve health, enhance hunting skills, fight infection, and heal the body. It is given to both adults and children in the Amazon. This sacred medicine is also known to bring good luck by clearing negative energy within the body.

Sourcing Kambo

The frog is native to the Amazon Rainforest and the medicine is obtained humanely by the Matsés tribe. The frogs are taken down from a tree by gently cutting a tree limb. They are moved to an area where the medicine can be extracted by lightly rubbing the back and hind legs of the frog. The tribe is careful to harvest only some of the secretion and release the frogs back into the wild, ensuring the frog still has some left for their own defenses.

Sacred Medicine

While the medicine serves as a protection against the frog's predators, it is not harmful to humans. The secretion contains a large number of highly concentrated bioactive polypeptides, which are opening new fields in medical research. This ancient medicine effectively delivers dozens of these peptides to cleanse and detox the body of deeply routed toxins. It assists the body’s ability to naturally heal and thrive while improving mental function and clearing emotional blocks.

Sapo vs Kambo

Sapo and Kambo are actually the same medicine, but Sapo originated from the Matsés tribe in the Amazon whereas Kambo is known to have originated in Brazil.



(Wet Method)

When the medicine is served Kambo style, the client is asked to drink up to 2 liters of water beforehand to encourage purging. It is very common to purge a large amount of liquid when receiving the medicine in Kambo style. In the Kambo style, the benefits are more focused on the stomach.

Kambo Medicine


(Dry Method)

In the Sapo style, there is usually less purging as the client does not drink liters of water prior to application. Because the participant starts with an empty stomach, they are therefore less likely to purge. The benefit of Sapo is that the medicine has more opportunity to travel through the entire body to address any imbalances with less chance of purging.

Peter Gorman

Which Method is Better?

I have been trained in both styles by Peter Gorman. While both are beneficial, I recommend trying Sapo style, particularly for first-timers looking for a more comfortable experience. Additionally, Sapo style is the original way the Matsés tribe apply the medicine in the Amazonian jungle. Both styles are beneficial with no adverse side affects.


Kambo is a natural antibiotic and immune system booster. It detoxifies the liver and intestines, improves mental functioning, and has the potential to dissolve emotional blocks. Kambo works on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.




Kambo/Sapo cleanses the body and rids it of harmful toxins through a natural detox process, while increasing stamina, elevating health, and strengthening the body.




Kambo/Sapo has been known to assist the body in healing a variety of imbalances. It works on many levels of overall health while reducing ailments such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction.




The  Matsés tribe use this medicine to treat everything from snake bites and fever to physical pain and infertility. It is also used to promote overall good luck by clearing negative energy.




This sacred medicine has been known to offer relief from chronic pain and major illnesses, including cancer, lyme disease, autoimmune diseases, brain diseases (i.e. alzheimer’s, parkinson’s), and more.


Chronic pain





Blood circulation problems

Autoimmune Diseases

Organ Diseases

Cancers - Tumors

Fertility issues

Lyme disease

Candida overgrowth

Immune System disorders

High Blood Pressure

Iritable Bowel Syndrom



Users have reported success in treating:

Additionally, immediately after a Sapo/Kambo treatment and for days after, users report an overall calmness that feels similar to a deep meditation.

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